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Image by Liv Bruce

Terms & Conditions



At Mini Me 4D we always strive to be as accurate as possible with gender determination.  It is very unlikely that we will get it wrong, however, as with any scan, 100% accuracy can never be guaranteed. We can accept no liability in the event of incorrect gender identification.





For the majority of mums-to-be their pregnancy journey will be very straightforward and they will have no concerns at all.  However a very small percentage of people will have a more complicated pregnancy.  At Mini Me 4D if we see anything on scan which is not what we would expect or unusual we will always make you aware and refer you to the correct professional whether that be your midwife, early pregnancy clinic or triage.


Mini Me 4D scans are NEVER intended to replace your NHS scans and are for reassurance and bonding purposes only.  We strongly advise that you attend for your routine NHS booking and anomaly scans (which are important diagnostic screening scans) as well as any other scans that are recommended by your healthcare provider.  


At Mini Me 4D we cannot be held responsible for failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of any anomalies.  The purpose of your scan with us is for reassurance and bonding. We will not routinely look for abnormalities, but we will try to reassure you if we can.


A well-being check of baby will be performed during your scan (visualise heartbeat and movements and where applicable growth measurements). The nature of these checks will depend on your gestation and will be explained to you during your scan. 





All images provided by us are souvenir images, they are not diagnostic images. Video clips and images of your baby are for personal entertainment purposes only. 


You have permission to use these images and recordings for entertainment and home use only and not for medical reference. We will retain these images for a short period of time. 


Please do not use your phone to record during the scan-we encourage you to put your phone away and enjoy this beautiful experience in the moment.


If you would like to make a recording due to special circumstances please ask before the scan and we will try to accommodate at a suitable time. 




At Mini Me 4D we will always try our utmost to provide you with the greatest quality 2D, 3D and 4D images and want you to leave satisfied with our service and feeling happy. However, due to the nature of ultrasound there are several factors which can affect the image quality such as: 


- The position of your placenta

- The position of your baby-particularly their face

- BMI of mum 

- The amount of amniotic fluid around your baby 

- If you are over 31 weeks gestation 


If we feel that image quality is affected by something that could change at a later date or later in the day a rescan appointment will be offered free of charge.  We cannot offer refunds for poor quality images which are beyond our control.  We will always do our best to obtain great images for you-it’s what we love to do-however our professional opinion is final. 





If you, anyone in your household or anyone attending your appointment has COVID you should not attend for your scan.  Please contact us as soon as possible and we can rearrange your scan for a later date.


By booking a scan with us you are confirming that you have read and understood the above information and agree to these terms and conditions.

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